How To Use a Downloaded Bible for Offline reading?

Once you have downloaded a Bible version, there is normally nothing special you need to do to use it in offline mode.  If you lose network connection, the app will prompt you to “select one of your downloaded Bible versions.”   It will be easy to identify your downloaded Bibles in the list of versions because all the others will be greyed out, to indicate that they are unavailable offline.

You can force your app to use the downloaded bibles by putting the phone in AIRPLANE ON mode.  Don’t forget to return it to AIRPLANE OFF after you are done reading your bible, so that you can receive phone calls when you return to a cellular coverage area.


When you look at your list of versions, those you have already downloaded will have a light blue or grey icon to the right.  (Those without any icon to the right cannot be downloaded.   Those with a green icon have not yet been downloaded)

If you uninstall the app from your device, that will delete all related files, including your downloaded Bible files.   However, If you use the App Update procedure (e.g. when you are prompted to update the app using  the App Store, your downloaded Bible files should be left intact.

In rare situations, a previously downloaded a Bible file may be incompatible with the current app level, and you may have to delete the downloaded Bible to diagnose or fix the problem.

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