How do I start a plan?

To keep you on track with which day you’re on in your Reading Plan, Reading Plans require that you have a free YouVersion account.

1) Home screen: Tap Plans.

2) Top Right: Tap drop-down menu tab and select Browse (if you are on the My tab).

3) Scroll through all available plans OR select the Category of Reading Plan you’re interested in:

  • Whole Bible. Take you through the entire Bible.
  • Topical. Address what the Bible says about specific themes or ideas.
  • Partial Bible. Cover significant portions of the Bible.
  • Devotional. Short, typically daily verses or passages with additional content.
  • Youth. Themed around topics that young people face.

4) When you find the plan you want, tap it.

5) Tap Start Plan.

6) Tap View Today’s Reading to begin reading.
Note: When you view a chapter or reference from your plan, the Bible App marks it as completed.
Note: To see which days are complete/incomplete, tap the Progress Report button. Incomplete= no check mark and Complete=check mark.

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