How do I download a version?

In order to download a Bible, you need to have a YouVersion account (it’s free), and be signed in to the app on your mobile device, and have a strong 3G signal or WiFi connection.  After you have downloaded a Bible to your device, that Bible version will be available to read “offline,” i.e. when you have no network connection.

Not all Bibles are available for download.  As you are looking at the list of Bible versions, those available for download will have a green icon in the right margin.  After you download a Bible, the download icon will no longer have a green background, so you can tell which ones you already have downloaded.

To download a Bible:

1)     On the app’s main menu, tap Bible to open any version.

2)     Tap the version short code  e.g. KJV (on top right beside book name and chapter number).

3)     Scroll through the list if necessary to find the version you want to download.

4)     Tap the green icon next to the version you want to download.

5)     Tap Download to begin the download.

6)     You can use your device for other things while the download completes.

Now, anytime you open that downloaded version, you will be seeing the text of the downloaded file, whether you are online or offline.


Downloading a version only downloads the TEXT of the Bible for offline READING.  Most other functions (e.g. Search, Audio, Notes, Reading Plans. etc) still require a network connection.

It is a good idea to download at least one Bible version so that you have Bible access when there is no connection.  However, downloaded Bibles take a lot of space on your device, so you probably want to be selective in which ones you download.

If the download “times out” or says “needs connection,” even though you can access the Internet with other apps, you can either power your device off/on.  Or you can reset the app and connections using the “quick reset” procedure below.

To do a “quick reset” return to the main screen of your device (where you see all the app icons) and:

1. Press the main hardware button on the device TWICE quickly (this is the round button below the display).

2. A list of recently used apps should slide up at the bottom. (you can see more by swiping from right to left across that bottom row)

3. When you find the Bible App icon on that bottom row, touch and HOLD on it until all the app icons in this list “jiggle.”

4. Tap the RED circle with a minus sign in it on the upper left corner of the Bible App icon.  If you see a BLACK circle with an X in it, STOP.  Tapping that will delete the app from your device.

5. Press the main hardware button again to stop the icons from jiggling.

6. Press the main button one more time to hide the list of recently used apps.

Now relaunch the Bible App and you should be able to complete your download.

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