How do I create a note?

Creating a note requires that you have a free YouVersion account. Here are the instructions for signing up on Android.

1)     Reader: Select the verse(s) you want to make a note for.

2)     Bottom of screen: Tap the drop down arrow.

3)     Tap Notes.

4)     Popup menu: Tap Add a Note.

5)     Type your note. (Title is optional)
Note: To change the verse(s) you are referencing:

  • Next to Title: Tap the black icon.
  • Select the list of referenced verses.
  • Make your changes, removing and/or adding verses.

6)     Tap Next.

7)      Select the status you want:

  • Private. Only you can see this note.
  • Public. Everyone can see this note.
  • Draft. Only you can see this note.
    Note: This setting assumes you want to work on this note before publishing.
  • Publish on… Select a date when this note will become Public.

8)     Tap Save Note Now.

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