97 Report a Problem – Bible Version has Errors

If you feel like you have found an error in the text of a Bible, we certainly appreciate you reporting it.

If you have already reported it via a submission to our support group, we will handle it.  (see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below)

Otherwise, please check the following before reporting it:

- First, see if the error will clear if you Power off/on your device to reset the app

- Second, please go on the web to www.youversion.com to see if the same error is there also

  • If the error is the same on the web and on your mobile device, follow the process to REPORT THE ERROR below.
  • If the error is only on your mobile device, then your downloaded copy of that Bible needs to be refreshed.  Follow the process to REPLACE YOUR DOWNLOADED BIBLE COPY below.



IMPORTANT:  Before you try to replace your downloaded Bible copy, be aware that certain versions were offered for offline download for a short promotional period of time and are no longer available for download, so if you delete those, they are gone for good (examples include NIV, NLT, NASB, and AMP versions).  You may decide you can live with the error more than the absence of the offline version.

You need to have a strong 3G, 4G, or preferably WiFi connection before starting this process.

  1. On the device where you noticed the error, open the app to any Bible
  2. Tap on the version code (e.g. KJV) in the upper right
  3. Find the version which has the error and swipe your finger across that line to display the DELETE button
  4. Tap the DELETE button, then tap YES to confirm your intention to delete this offline version.
  5. Now tap the green download icon for that same version to download a fresh copy
  6. When the download is complete, verify that the error is resolved.  If  it is resolved , then you do not need to report the error.



  1. On the device where you noticed the error, launch the app
  2. On the app’s main menu, scroll down to HELP and tap on it
  4. Type the Subject as “Bible Error”  (Do not delete any lines in the body of the email)
  5. Tap below the first line in the body of the message and enter all the details including the Bible Version (e.g. NKJV) the Book, Chapter, and Verse, as well as what the error is (what does it show vs. what it should show.)
  6. Do not delete any lines in the body of the email… and tap SEND.


While looking at the list of versions, if you see a red exclamation point beside the download icon, it indicates that a newer version is available for download, and you can tap that icon to update it, rather than follow the instructions above to REPLACE YOUR DOWNLOADED BIBLE COPY.

When we receive source files for Bible translations from our partners, we try to carefully proof them for mistakes. However, the volume of text that we deal with is so great that we simply aren’t able to catch every mistake by ourselves.  Thank you for helping.

When you submit an error report via Contact Support, we check to see if the error has already been reported.  If not, we add it to the list of things to work on.  It may take a few months before you’ll see the correction.  We don’t have a specific team member dedicated to making corrections. Instead, we regularly schedule times every few months where our whole team works our way through the list together, making adjustments.  In some cases, we need to wait for the publisher to provide a new source file.

It’s only through cooperative partnerships with generous Bible societies and publishers that we are able to provide so many versions to you. The organizations who provide YouVersion Bibles have demonstrated extraordinary grace and generosity in allowing us to bring them to a worldwide audience—completely free of charge.  In fact, their choice to partner with us makes possible everything that we do.  And we are profoundly grateful for each of these relationships.

Thank you again for helping to improve the quality of the content.



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