How To Share a Plan link with others?

Before you can share a Plan link to social media sites, you must connect your YouVersion account with Facebook and/or Twitter.  See the link at our support website for “How To Add Connections to social media” for those instructions.

To Share a Plan link via Facebook/Twitter

  1. Tap on the dashboard icon in the upper left to display the app’s main menu
  2. Scroll down and tap PLANS
  3. Tap on the Plan you want to share.
  4. On the daily reading screen, tap on the Share icon (curved arrow) in the lower right
  5. Tap on Twitter or Facebook and ensure it is set to ON   or Tap on Email
  6. Make any edits you want to the body of the message which already has the general info about the plan.  ( If you are Sharing via email, enter a recipient’s email address)
  7. Tap on SEND  to post this to your Facebook Wall or your Twitter Account or to the email recipient


At this time on iPhones, iPods, and iPads, when you share from a reading plan, you are not sending the content of the day’s reading, but you are sending general information about how others may utilize the plan.  We have completed a pilot change to this function on the Android platform that shares the content for the day rather than general information about the plan.   It is expected that the function will work that way on all platforms in the future.

In the meantime, if you are an Apple user and you know you will want to share a whole day’s content from your Reading Plan, turn on the Email option in the Plan’s Settings, and you will be sent the full content each day in an email.  Using that you can forward to others, or copy/paste it to your social media accounts.

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