How To Follow Someone on YouVersion?

When you Follow someone, they will appear on your FRIENDS or FOLLOWING list, and you will be able to easily view plans they have started, public notes they have posted, and bookmarks they have created .

You can find people to follow and see who is following you by logging into the website.  You may need to use a desktop/laptop browser to be able to see all of the options.

You need to know the YouVersion Username of the person you want to follow, then….

  1. Sign-in at
  2. Then go to[USERNAME]   but replace  [USERNAME] with the real username for the person you wish to follow.
  3. Click on the “Follow” button in the “Profile” box located towards the top right of the webpage

Once you have “Followed” someone, if you click on the FRIENDS button on the website, you will see that person listed, click on their link and you will see a page with tabs to review their Likes, Recent Activity, etc.

Or on your mobile Bible App, you can get to the same information this way:

  • On the app’s main menu tap Profile
  • Tap on Following
  • Tap on their Username
  • Tap on one of the sections of information about that user

This post is also available in: Português

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