How To Find and View a Live Event?

In order to work with Live Events you must be connected and signed-in to the app.

A Live Event is active for a specific timeframe.  For example, some churches post an outline of their sermon topic, which is active from Saturday to Saturday, allowing folks to participate even though they may not be in church that week.

Although most Live Events can be “attended” by anyone, they usually are targeted to a specific audience.  It is best if the sponsoring organization gives the target audience specific directions on how to Find and View the Live Event.   If you don’t find the event you are interested in, you may want to contact or visit the website of the sponsoring organization for more information.

In general, these steps will you help you find an event for your local organization:

  1. Tap the dashboard icon in the top left hand corner of the screen, then tap Live
  2. If you are prompted for the app to use your Location, tap Allow if you are looking for local live events
  3. If no prompt, or if no events display: Type in a group name, event name, postal code or city
  4. Locate the event you want and tap on it to participate
  5. Follow the outline for the Event


The event is not “live” in the sense of everyone participating together at one time.  Folks can join and work through the material when they want and at their own speed… and are not interacting “live” with others…. But you are all seeing and reading the same content… so all are literally “on the same page.”

If you have problems with a Live Event, the first place to go for help is to the sponsoring organization so they can tell you how they intended it to work.

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