Notes – How To Create, View, Edit, Delete.

In order to View or Create notes, you must be network connected (3G, 4G, or WiFi) and be signed-in to the app.

Notes is one of the most complex functions of the app.  It will take some practice to learn to use it efficiently.

To work properly, Notes depends on a flawless network connection from starting a Note to saving it.  If you will be creating long notes, please read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section below.



  1. As you are reading a Bible verse, tap the verse(s) for which you want to create a Note.
  2. A popup icon will appear with a curved arrow and the number of verses selected.  Tap this icon.
  3. On the next panel    DO NOT choose a color,    choose NOTES.
  4. Tap on Create New
  5. Enter a meaningful Title to help you find the right note later.
  6. Then tap in the big white space and type your note there.
  7. Tap the NEXT button, and choose a color (optional)
  8. Below the colors, you can choose Private, Draft, or Public  (Private is visible only to you, use Public to share your Note with others)
  9. Tap on SAVE, and the Note will be stored on our servers under your account

If you are creating a long note (perhaps during a sermon) you should save it as a DRAFT periodically, and then reopen it to continue… so that all is not lost if your network connection glitches.  Notes are not saved on your local device… only on the server.  (Also see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below)


VIEWING NOTES  (Your Notes and Others’ Notes)

One way to view YOUR Notes is to choose NOTES on the app’s main menu to see a list of all your Notes.

  • Notes are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom)
  • You will see for each Note the Title, and the first line of the Note text, but not the Verse.
  • Tap on a Note to see the whole Note, and the Verse Reference (e.g. Luke 5:5)
  • Tap on the verse reference to jump to the Bible verse, and tap on the Note icon to return to your note.

Another way to view yours and other people’s Notes is while reading a passage…

  • select the verse like you were going to create a Note and tap on the curved arrow icon
  • tap on the NOTES icon, (then if you have an iPhone or iPod tap VIEW RELATED)
  • tap on MY to see Notes you have created for the verse (if any)
  • tap on COMMUNITY to see Public notes that others have created for the verse

Also, if you are on the web at   when you view a Bible page, there are some community notes that are displayed for that Book and Chapter over in the right panel.



On your mobile device, choose NOTES from the app’s main menu to see a list of all your Notes.

  • tap the Note you want to edit.
  • tap the EDIT button
  • change the Title or the body of the Note as you wish
  • tap NEXT
  • change the color or the Status as you wish
  • tap SAVE

You can also edit Notes on the web !  There are MANY MORE FORMATTING OPTIONS on the web!  Just sign-in at

  • Choose the NOTES icon on the left
  • When you hover over a Note on the website, you will see an EDIT link to click on.
  • Any changes you make on the website will be viewable on your mobile devices.



  • On your mobile device – when you are viewing your list of Notes, if you swipe your finger across one of them, a DELETE button will appear.
  • On the web at website, when you hover over a Note on the website, you will see a DELETE link to click on.



One technique to use to avoid losing your long note due to a connection glitch (perhaps during a sermon) is to work on the draft of the note using your mobile device’s “yellow pad” then copy paste the text into the body of a Bible note later.

Unlike a bookmark, a Note created in one version can be accessed from any other version.    e.g. If you created a note for Luke 5:5 in the ESV, and while reading Luke 5:5 in the NIV you selected it and chose View Related… you would find the Note you created.

Using too many different colored Notes will get confusing.  Keep your color scheme simple… and perhaps use a color for Notes that is different from what your use for Bookmarks and Highlights.

There are few options for finding a specific note in your list:

  • You can scroll through the list of Notes
  • There is no Label (category) for Notes like there is for bookmarks
  • You cannot “search” the list of Notes on your mobile device by keyword.  However, if you sign-in at, you can use the  FIND (Ctrl F)  function of your browser to search the list of Notes.

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