Bookmarks – How To Use Them Offline?

You should be able to use many bookmark functions when you are offline as long as:

  • You are signed-in to the app, and
  • Your app is at the current update level, and
  • You have previously sync’d with the server when you were online (this is usually automatic)

You should be able to View, Use, Create bookmarks while offline… though color coding and some label  functions will not be available.

Bookmarks created offline will be sync’d with our servers when a connection is restored.

If this offline bookmarks are  not working, you can try putting your device in Airplane mode to avoid any connection confusion.

If offline bookmarks are still not working, you will need to wait until you can connect and sync with the servers.

When you are connected, you can do a manual synch with the servers by displaying the list of bookmarks and tapping on the refresh icon (circle arrow).



For offline bookmarking to work most reliably, you should plan for it:

  • While network connected, view your list of bookmarks and refresh it from the server (upper right button)
  • Then put your device into AIRPLANE ON mode
  • Test that you can still view and open your bookmarks
  • Leave the device in AIRPLANE mode until you get to another strong signal area

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