Bookmarks – How To Create, View, Edit, Delete.

As in a paper Bible, a bookmark will help you return to a verse of interest.  You will need to be signed-in to the app to use Bookmarking



  1.  As you are reading a Bible verse, tap the verse(s) you want to Bookmark.
  2. A popup icon will appear with a curved arrow and the number of verses selected.  Tap this icon.
  3. On the next panel  DO NOT choose a color,    CHOOSE Bookmark to open a panel of 3 options
  4. Select a color (optional) which displays like a Highlight in your Bible and a color code in your Bookmark list.
  5. Enter a Title to help you remember why you bookmarked the verse
  6. Enter a Label to categorize the bookmark    Note:  When you type the first letter of a label, you may then choose from a list of similar existing labels.  Just continue typing if you are creating a new label
  7. Then tap the SAVE button.  The bookmark will be saved and you will return to the Bible verse.



  • On an iPhone and iPod, one way to see your list of Bookmarks is to tap on the Ribbon icon at the bottom of every Bible page.
  • On any mobile device, you can see your list of Bookmarks by choosing BOOKMARKS on the app’s main menu.
  • Bookmarks are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom)
  • For each bookmark in the list you always see the Verse,Version, and date last modified
  • For some bookmarks in the list, you will see the optional color, Title, and Label if they were entered.
  • If you have used Labels, you can tap on LABELS at the top and choose the Label subset you want to view
  • Tap on a bookmark to jump to the bookmarked verse in the specified version



You cannot edit a bookmark on your mobile device, but you can edit bookmarks on the web when you sign-in at

On the website, after you sign-in, click on the bookmark icon in the left panel to see your list of bookmarks:

  • when you hover over a bookmark on the website, you will see an EDIT link to click on
  • any changes you make on the website will be viewable on your mobile devices



When you are viewing your list of bookmarks on your mobile device, if you swipe your finger across one of them, a DELETE button will appear

You can also delete Bookmarks at the website similar to Editing a bookmark



A bookmark stores the verse reference as well as the Bible version in which you create it.   If you select a bookmark from the list, it will take you to the bookmarked verse in the original version.   If that is the not the version you want to read, you can simply change the version by tapping the version code in the upper right.

Using too many different colored Bookmarks will get confusing.  Some Bible app veterans use a simple color scheme:

  • Blue for Bookmarks so they know when they encounter a blue verse that it has a bookmark associated with it
  • Yellow for highlights (the classic highlighter color) and
  • aNother color for Notes

In many cases you can view and use bookmarks when you are offline.  For this to work reliably, you should plan for it:

  • While network connected, view your list of bookmarks and refresh it from the server (upper right button)
  • Then put your device into AIRPLANE ON mode
  • Test that you can still view and open your bookmarks
  • Leave the device in AIRPLANE mode until you get to another strong signal area

You cannot search the list of bookmarks, on your mobile device.  However, if you go to, you can use the Find function of your browser (CTRL F)  to search the list of bookmarks.

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