Highlights – Why Can’t I Highlight anymore?

If you could previously create highlights but are now having trouble with highlighting, it could be one of several things:

-  If you are not signed-into the app, you will not be able to highlight.  To check whether you are signed-in:

  • On the app’s main menu, scroll down to Settings and tap on the gear icon.
  • If your Username or Email appears under Account… you are signed-in.
  • If instead “Sign-up or Sign-in” appears there, you need to sign-in.

- You may just have a connection problem that can be reset when you power your device off/on.

- If you are trying to highlight in the MSG version, that will not work.  The MSG Bible has verse groups rather than individual verses.  Highlighting depends on the individual verse structure, which the MSG does not have.

- You may have hit the limit for the number of highlights allowed. We allow 10,000 highlighted verses.



Regarding the 10,000 limit:

  • If you are over the highlighting limit, you will also be prohibited from adding color to Bookmarks and Notes
  • If you had more than 10,000 verses highlighted when this limit was put in place, deleting a few now may not bring you below the 10,000 limit.
  • You should not use highlighting as a way to tell which verses you have read.  You will hit the limit very quickly that way.  Consider using a bookmark to indicate where you left off reading.   This is discussed further in “Bookmarking – How to return to where you left off”
  • If you want to check if you are over the limit, and want to know how to request a “fresh start” with highlighting, please Contact Support and include your Username, the Email address on your YouVersion account, and include in the subject line “Am I over the 10K limit”     You can Contact Support by sending an email to  en.web@youversion.com  or using the Bible app’s HELP menu on your mobile device.

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