How to Delete a Downloaded Bible?

Sometimes it is necessary to delete a downloaded Bible version from your mobile device in order to diagnose or fix a problem, or to free up space on your device.

To delete a downloaded Bible:

  1. On the app’s main menu, tap Bible to open any version.
  2. Tap the version short code  e.g. KJV (on top right beside book name and chapter number).
  3. Tap the Settings Gear in the top right corner of the screen
  4. Swipe your finger across the name of the version you want to delete
  5. The   DELETE button will appear, tap on it.

The downloaded file has now been removed, but you still have access to that version online, i.e. when connected.


Some versions, including NIV, NASB, AMP, and NLT were available for download for a short while in 2011.  If you delete one of those you will not be able to recover it.  They are no longer available for download or transfer from any source.

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