How To Switch to another book of the Bible?

When you are reading a Bible in the app, and you want to change to another book of the Bible:

  1. Tap on the name of the book that is currently open ( center of top bar )
  2. Scroll through books of the Bible to find the one you want
  3. Tap the book of your choice
  4. Tap the chapter you want to read
  5. Tap the verse where you want to start reading


When you are scrolling down or up through the list of books, you can swipe really fast all the way off the edge of the screen … and the list will continue to scroll a long way.  You can get from Genesis to Revelation in two fast swipes.

You can change the order of the list of Books by tapping Traditional or Alphabetical.

If you click on the history “clock” icon you can see and choose other scriptures you have selected in the recent past.  (This is handy when your Bible Study teacher says, “now lets go back to that verse we looked at earlier…. ” )

This post is also available in: Português

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