How To Search by keyword (concordance)?

You can use the search function like a concordance, to find all the verses that include a particular word, and from there you can review the list for a verse you may be looking for.

Searches are done on the server so you must be connected and signed-in to the app to use this function.

You can start a Search from two places: from the app’s main menu, or from a Bible page, just click on the search icon (magnifying glass)

  1. Type the word(s) you are searching for into the search bar, and click the magnifying glass.
  2. A list of “hits” (matching verses) will be displayed along with a breakdown of locations (see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION).
  3. Scroll down to review all “hits”, or scroll back up to the top to enter another word.
  4. Click on one of the “hits” on the list to open the Bible to that verse.
  5. You can search using one version, then tap on the Version button in the upper right to see the same verse in a different version.


  • To the left of the hits you will see a total number of hits followed by a location breakdown.
  • Bible, Reading Plan, Notes and Users. Use these to drill down to a specific area.
  • If the word searched for is not used in your version (e.g. Thine is in KJV, not in ESV) you will get a “No Results” message.

You can search for multiple words and it will try to find that phrase or similar phrase.

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