How To Open a Bible and Find a Verse?

Here is how to get to a particular Bible verse  (e.g.  John 16:33 )

  1. Tap on the dashboard icon to see the app’s main menu, then tap on Bible
  2. When a Bible page opens, tap on the Book name (top center) to display a list of books of the Bible
  3. Swipe your finger up the screen to scroll to John, tap on John
  4. Notice that the Chapter tab is highlighted at the top.  Tap 16.
  5. Now the Verse tab is highlighted.  Scroll down a bit.  Tap on 33.

You can tap on the name of the book at the top (John) to navigate to another book/chapter/verse.

You can also use the left and right arrow buttons to move to next or prior chapter.


The screen for choosing a Chapter looks very similar to the one to choose a Verse.  Note which tab is highlighted at the top to avoid confusion.

Please see other How To entries in this section to learn how to find other versions, other languages, and how to search a Bible by keyword.

This post is also available in: Português

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