Issue – App is “stuck” – Quick Reset.

For a variety of reasons the app can become somewhat unresponsive.  Also many functions of the app depend on connection with our servers, so any glitch in the connection between the app and the server can cause the app to behave oddly, such as:

  • audio stops or won’t play
  • can’t change books
  • can’t see bookmarks or notes or plans
  • “timed out” message
  • “connection” message
  • the app seems unresponsive
  • etc…

When that happens, a “quick reset” (also called a Force Close) of the app can do wonders, and it can’t hurt anything. There are step by step instructions below, as well as a short video showing how to complete this process.

To do a “quick reset” go to the screen on your device where you see all the app icons and:

  1. Open the bible app then close it by tapping once on the home button (the physical button below the display).
  2. Now press the main button on the device twice quickly (like a mouse double click).
  3. A row of recently used apps should slide up at the bottom (Bible should be first in the list).
  4. When you find the Holy Bible icon, touch and hold on it until all the apps in this row “jiggle.”
  5. Tap the red circle with a minus sign in it on the upper left corner of the Bible app icon.
  6. Press the main button again once to stop the icons from jiggling.
  7. Press the main button one last time to hide the list of recently used apps.

Now reopen the Bible.  It should now be working properly.

Video Walkthrough


This may seem like a long tedious process, but it really takes just a few seconds when you get the hang of it.  You can practice this procedure multiple times without hurting anything.

There are several “environmental” situations that can occur to “confuse” the app.  Moreover, once the app loses its connection to the server it may not readily reconnect, even when the mobile device shows a 3G or WiFi connection. This same procedure may be helpful with other apps when they appear to be misbehaving.

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